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Injuries to Children Attorney in Milford, Massachusetts

Children can become injured due to regular play or the negligent actions of another person. Such child injuries may occur from traffic crashes, drowning, falls, dog bites, choking, or toxic inhalation. Unfortunately, an injury to a child may affect his or her physical abilities and future job potential or cause mental trauma. 

If you believe that a negligent party’s actions caused your child’s injuries, you may be eligible to pursue fair compensation through a claim or lawsuit. With 30 years of extensive legal experience, Attorney Michael M. Kaplan has committed his career to advocating for the best interests of injured children and their families. 

As a skilled Massachusetts personal injury attorney, Michael can investigate all of the details of your incident and explore your available options to pursue damages. Also, Attorney Michael M. Kaplan has the resources to protect your child’s rights and help seek the rightful financial compensation for their injuries and damages. 

The Law Office of Michael M. Kaplan is proud to serve clients across Milford, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas of Marlborough, Framingham, and Worcester. 

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Common Injuries Sustained by Children 

A child injury can be described as an unintentional injury that occurs to a child or teen between 0 and 19 years. Such child injuries may occur due to normal activities or another person’s negligence or carelessness. Here are some common injuries that are sustained by children: 

  • Auto accidents 

  • Drowning 

  • Suffocation 

  • Toxic inhalation 

  • Dog bites or dog attacks 

  • Fire-related burns 

  • Amusement park injuries 

  • Poisoning 

  • Swimming pool injuries 

  • School or daycare injuries 

  • Falls 

  • Consumption of hazardous chemicals 

  • Car and booster seat failure 

  • Toddler bed defects 

  • Broken glass-related injuries 

  • Choking on small items 

  • Bus accidents 

  • Cuts 

  • Birth injuries 

  • Medical malpractice 

If your child has been hurt due to another person’s negligence or reckless behavior, you need to reach out to a seasoned personal injury attorney immediately. Your lawyer can enlighten you about your options to recover damages and seek to identify the liable party. 

Who Can Be Held Liable?  

Depending on the surrounding circumstances and the events leading to the child’s injury, a number of different parties may be held accountable. These include: 

  • Property owners 

  • School employees 

  • Caregivers 

  • Daycare providers 

  • Toy manufacturers or retailers 

  • Teachers 

  • School sports players 

  • School sports coaches 

  • Motorists 

  • Healthcare professionals, such as physicians, dentists, and nurses

  • Other parents 

An experienced Massachusetts child injuries attorney can help file your claims, determine the liable party, and attempt to recover the maximum possible compensation for your child’s injuries. 

Negligent Supervision  

In Massachusetts, a parent or guardian may be entitled to file a negligent supervision claim when their child or ward sustains an injury due to inadequate supervision by a teacher, school staff member, or caregiver. Such negligent supervision might occur due to the following: 

  • Insufficient number of school staff members to properly monitor children

  • Insufficient protection from swimming pools, traffic, or animal attack

  • House cleaners leaving harmful or toxic chemicals in the open

  • Failure of caregivers or daycare staff members to monitor the children

  • Insufficient number of school sports coaches to coordinate sporting activities

A trusted attorney can seek to prove negligence in your claims and help you hold the at-fault party liable for their actions. 

Parental Responsibility Laws  

However, child injuries are not only caused by the negligent actions of other adults. In some cases, child injuries may occur due to another minor’s negligent or intentional action. According to Massachusetts parental responsibility laws, the parents of an unemancipated child between 7 and 18 years shall be held civilly liable for their child’s willful act, which results in injury or death to another person or property damage. 

Possible Recoverable Damages 

The following damages may be recovered by filing a child injury claim in Massachusetts: 

  • Medical expenses, including future medical treatment

  • Lost income and benefits (if the child has a part-time job)

  • Lost wages for the parent who took time off work to help their child with medical appointments, treatments, and recovery

  • Lost future earnings and career opportunities

  • Property damages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish

  • Loss of enjoyment of activities, hobbies, and relationships

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

However, minors can’t legally file personal injury claims on their own in Massachusetts. Hence, the child’s parent or guardian will bring a civil action against the at-fault party on their child’s behalf. The settlement may be recovered through structured payments or deposited into a trust account. 

Money Awarded to a Minor in Massachusetts  

Under Massachusetts’s laws, the financial compensation awarded belongs to the child. Hence, the money may be deposited into a fund until the child turns 18 years. A practiced attorney can help protect your child’s rights and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance companies involved. 

How Legal Counsel Can Help 

Parents usually do their utmost best to ensure the safety of their children. Regardless, children can be injured at daycare, school, hospital, on a property, and in traffic. Such injuries can be devastating and can affect the child’s physical and emotional health. If your child was injured in a negligent accident, you need to act quickly and retain a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to protect their rights. 

Attorney Michael M. Kaplan is ready and poised to help you hold those liable for your child’s injuries responsible. Using his in-depth understanding, Michael will walk you through the usually complicated claims procedures. In addition, Attorney Michael M. Kaplan will continue fighting for your child’s legal rights and help pursue fair financial compensation to cover medical bills, lost future earnings, pain, discomfort, & suffering, and other potential damages.

Injuries to Children Attorney Serving Milford, Massachusetts

If your child was injured in a negligent accident, you may seek fair compensation on their behalf. Contact the Law Office of Michael M. Kaplan today for legal assistance. Attorney Michael M. Kaplan has the vigorous representation and personalized legal direction you need in your child injury claims. The Law Office of Michael M. Kaplan Milford, Marlborough, Framingham, and Worcester, Massachusetts.