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Slip & Fall Attorney for Injuries in Milford, Framingham & Natick

By: Law Office of Michael M Kapaln

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The Boston, Worcester area has seen over 100 inches of snow, and believe it or not it will melt and then freeze again! The amount of ice on the sidewalks and roads is too much to stay aware of. Businesses and property owners are responsible for removing ice and taking the proper steps to removing it or warning pedestrians of the ice.

If you have been injured becaues a business or property owner has neglected to take care of their property, hiring a slip and fall attorney like Michael M Kaplan is the first step. 

He reprensents the Milford, Framingham, and Natick area for slip and fall injuries. He can fight to help compensate for the financial, medical and legal stress that you will have to endure for this injury. If you have missed work due to this injury he will help you get reimbursed for the missed pay checks you may have had!


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