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Injury Caused by Fallen Ice

By: Law Office of Michael M Kapaln

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The Milford, Framingham, and Natick MA area and our law office has been hit with lots of snow and freezing temperatures creating large icicles and ice dams to form on business and property ledges. As we start to see the days getting longer, and hopefully some spring weather, the sun is going to be out longer and start to melt these large, very dangerous pieces of ice. The only place these pieces of ice can go is down.

As business and property owners, it is their responisbility or try to safely remove the ice or take every step to warn pedestrians of the danger. If this large piece of ice was to fall, you could be seriously injuried and also in some serious financial and emotional distress. If you were injuried by fallen ice due to some elses negligance than you are entitled to compensation for the physical and financial damage that his has caused. Personal injury attorney Michael M. Kaplan can represent you or someone you love who has been injuried by fallen ice. 

If you have had to stop working, pay medical bills and deal with the after math of this injury, personal injury Attorney Kaplan can affectively get you the compensation you deserve for injuries caused by fallen ice. Call 508-473-1161 for information about your case. We have offices in Waltham, MA and Milford MA!

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