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Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

By: Law Office of Michael M Kapaln

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Attorney Kaplan located in Milford and Waltham MA is dedicated to protecting you after a scary event such as being biten by a dog. He is experienced and knowledgable about these types of accident cases and can deliver the results you are looking for. 

Dog bites can happen to adults, teens and children and can be a tramatizing event for anyone at any age. Unfortunately, dog bites can be serious enough to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Compared to outher states, Massachusetts is one of the more stricter ones. When dealing with children and their protection Massachuset dog bite laws do not leave any room for failure. It may not be known to all but in most cases the owner is strictly responsible for injuries someone obtained during a dog attack. 

It is very important to file a claim and contact a dog bite attorney, like Attorney Kaplan, so take all the proper steps in protecting you or your loved one that was injured. 

To arrange a free consultation about your dog bite claim, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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