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Demographic Trends that Affect Medical Malpractice

By: Law Office of Michael M Kapaln

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Medical malpractice is when a medical professional is negligent during treament and/or distribution of best practice health care resulting in injur or even death to a patient due to a medical error. If health care administrated falls below accepted standars than a medical malpractice lawsuit could the result. 

In today's world the American lifestyle is changing constantly, however a few demographic trends will play a role in the increase of medical malpractice issues Americans can be facing. 

Naturally, people grow older and as they do more complaints arise, translating into more care needs in an already overly populated system, bringing up the risk of provider shoratges. 

Physicians are getting older and looking towards retirement, in turn they are cutting their work weeks shorter to enjoy more of life rather than work.

Lastly, it is not secret that Americans are unhealthy individuals. Witht he convenience of fast food options, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle decisions, we are getting fatter. The worse your health to higher your risk to diabetes, and bag joint alighment in your kneed and hips come up.

If you have been miss treated by your doctor or phsycian and are not injuried or worse, lost a family member because of negligence in the health care industry in MA. Attorney Michael M. Kaplan can represent your medical malpractice case. 

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